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Articles About Cats

  • Flippity, Floppy Fish Customer Photos

    Cats love playing with the flappy fish! Check out some of the photos and videos that our happy customers have submitted. Your browser does not ...
  • Top 5 Plants That Are Not Toxic To Cats Or Dogs

    Many people are looking to improve the ambience and atmosphere of their home by including house plants. But if you have pets you should take a couple minutes to make sure you’re not putting them in danger before you decide on which plants you choose to turn your house into a rainforest.
  • Cat Eye Meaning: Your Cat’s Pupils And Pupil Dilation

    Trying to understand your kitty?

    Cat’s eyes and pupils can be a window to their thoughts – understanding what your cat is trying to say to you with their eyes can be a valuable relationship-building tool to increase the bond you share.

  • Why Do Cats Scratch Things And What To Do About It

    Ideas for how to stop your cat from scratching up your furniture!
  • Can Cats Have Tuna And Salmon

    Of course, your cat can and probably will eat salmon and tuna, as well as other fish – but should they? Advertising and cartoons would have you believe that fish is a staple item in a cat’s diet, however, it is not healthy to base your cat’s diet on just fish, or even give it to them every day.
  • DIY Cat Food – 5 Homemade Recipes Your Cat Will Love

    Homemade cat food may seem like a daunting task, but it might be easier than you think! We know there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal and it would be mean to deny our furry friends from the treat, here are 5 of our favourite DIY cat food recipes.